Goods are subject to a 14 days period.

Warranty valid for the product is indicated on the date of purchase

If the item is proven to be inadequate for use not by your fault before the end of the warranty period, it is replaced by a new one, amended or you will get your money back. Product change, return, acceptance of improper to use is carried out in stores or you can (in conjunction with the documents that confirm the purchase in pirkimą UAB Euro Impex Utena and stated reason for return) sent through the courier services to the Euro Impex Utena company's central headquarters: Moletu g. 94, Utena, LT-28001, Lithuania

Pristine und ungebrauchte Waren für Autos (in unbeschädigten Original Pakete) werden wir zurücknehmen oder auf andere Waren zu ändern, wenn Sie die Dokumente vorlegen, die den Kauf bestätigen. Waren akzeptiert werden in den Geschäften oder den Grund für die Rückgabe angeben, können über Kurierdienste gesendet werden. In diesem Fall werden alle Versandkosten vom Kunden bezahlt.

Some electrical and electronic products are not changeable and will not be accepted back. UAB Euro Impex Utena is not responsible if the image seen in the online store is different from the received one by its colour, shape, size imaginable, properties of your used display.